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Zambia’s central bank to raise cap on foreign exchange transactions

(The Southern African Times) – Zambia’s central bank will increase the daily limit for foreign currency exchange transactions, it announced on Thursday, as part of an effort to draw transactions into official channels and reduce complication for businesses.

Commercial bank customers will be allowed to exchange $10,000 per day, increased from $5,000. Customers at retail foreign exchange bureaus will be permitted to exchange up to $5,000, raised from $1,000, Central Bank Governor Christopher Mvunga said.

“This will allow for a regulated, systematic market where people can transact within the formal channels,” Mvunga said of the measures, which will take effect on June 1.

The limits were introduced 20 years ago, and the central bank had recognised that they were inconveniencing businesses and forcing people to buy hard currency on the black market.

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