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Southern African fintech Company ZymPay partners with Kamari to scale payments

LONDON, (The Southern African Times) – Dr. Chris Cleverly, co-founder of the KamPay Wallet and Kamari token, a new crypto-based payments system designed to grow through lottery incentivization, launched a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform in Zimbabwe with partners African Grain & Seed.

With an initial 50,000 farmers in Zimbabwe, this will be the testing ground for the blockchain-fueled microfinance use case — and a good way to determine if the solution works for reducing interest rates, allowing cross-border payments, and increasing food production in one of the worlds poorest countries. African Grain & Seed, along with Kamari, will roll out the KamPay solution to the trial group of farmers with the intention of scaling into the millions.

KamPay has also now agreed to a memorandum of understanding to enable fiat on and offboarding for Zimbabwean farmers and merchants with Zympay, a leading Southern African payments gateway. Zympay’s platform is a robust and highly scalable bill processing, payment collection system that caters to the United Kingdom’s diaspora community. The system is built entirely on the Microsoft.NET technology stack, with the architecture based on industry best practices. It serves as a remittance platform with innovative products between its customers and local Zimbabwean merchants, including supermarkets and groceries.

Working with Zympay will give KamPay a strong foothold and strategic advantage on the African continent.

“Our political and economic landscape has changed across Africa and globally, be it COVID or global warming or food insecurity. As Africa Grain and Seed, we are excited to say we are not alone in this journey. Kamari has answered our call to action in pioneering these community-based smart- agriculture solutions. A collaboration with Kamari and Zympay, this investment platform will create resilience in our adaption of circular economies for the unbanked by turning African rural communal lands into vibrant commercial hubs. Platforms like Zympay/Kampay pay are imperative for unlocking value and ensuring socio-economic inclusion. Education is a critical component of our program, and through platforms, like Zympay and Kampay, we can ensure equitable access to education from Africa to the world.”

— CEO Anthony Denga, CEO Africa Grain & Seed

“We are delighted to be part of this unique offering that will make a significant social impact on communities in Africa. Partnering with visionary groups like AGS and Kamari will unleash and realize the significant potential in community-based agriculture solutions. When combined with financial services provided by Zympay, we deliver enormous value and social impact that this combined service model will bring to market in Zimbabwe and beyond.’

— Dakshesh Patel, CEO Zympay

“Working with a social entrepreneur like Dakshesh Patel is a real honor. And it’s particularly valuable as we work to develop our own DeFi platform. Working with Zympay means being able to work with real businesses and real people, a key to bringing the promise of blockchain to bank the unbanked”.

— Chris Cleverly, CEO Kamari

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