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S. African minister welcomes introduction of climate studies school

JOHANNESBURG, (The Southern African Times) – The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Blade Nzimande, welcomed the introduction of the School of Climate Studies at Stellenbosch University which will be officially started in June 2021.

Nzimande said climate change studies will equip academics and students with scientific knowledge and skills to enable them to address challenges facing humanity.

“Our ministry, for the first time brings together higher education with science and innovation, thus presenting a magnificent opportunity to enrich our understanding of the systemic issues rethinking and re-engineering to mitigate and adapt to the vagaries of climate uncertainty,” he said.

Nzimande said the root cause of climate change is located in the dominant global economic system with centuries of extractive and destructive forms of economic development.

“This threatens every aspect of human endeavour, including water supply, infrastructure, public health, coastal habitats and food security, to mention a few. But we all know that the effects of climate change will be worse in poor and developing countries like our country, South Africa, regardless of its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

He called on all universities in the country to investigate how to address climate change and build a better world. 

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