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Rwanda to phase out 100,000 old generation passports

KIGALI, (The Southern African Times) – The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration has urged between 90,000 and 100,000 citizens with passports to expire in June this year, to buy East African Community electronic passports.

Rwanda started to issue an East African Community Electronic passport in June 2019 following a directive by EAC heads of state in March 2016 to adopt the new generation passports and phase out variant documents.

The new document is in compliance with the new EAC technical specifications as well as International Civil Aviation Organisation, making it admissible globally.

The new passports feature enhanced security features ruling out chances of forgery and identity theft.

Among the new features include a microchip, which makes it tamper-proof that will capture biometric data ensuring identification of the holder. The new security features could, among other things, increase chances of making the Rwandan passport ‘stronger’ to grant its holders access to more countries without stringent visa requirements.

East African Community electronic passports are expected to boost faster border clearance as well as part of a wider regional strategy to enhance integration.

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